Fall Foliage in Central Park

My first year in New York City was dominated by the pandemic. 2020 turned out to be the year of ‘crazy’. But one thing kept me sane during the darkest months, when the streets were empty and the only sound in a normally busy city were the ambulance sirens… I had Central Park.

The following photos were all taken by me, Jodie Brownlee.

The Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater near Shakespeare’s Garden. Bow Bridge with the fall foliage of The Rambles beyond and potted chrysanthemums. One of the first trees to change by Delacorte Theater.

Central Park and its changing beauty through the seasons was a gift that I was grateful for every day.

Beautiful gold trees by the Daniel Webster Monument. Ducks swim among the fallen leaves by Oak Bridge over Bank Rock Bay. The fiery orange foliage on the weeping branches of a tree by the Gapstow Bridge, The Pond.

Fall foliage in Central Park is a magical experience, and it happens in stages like an ongoing symphony; a few splashes of red, bursts of orange, marigold, plum, lemon yellow…

Fall colors behind Bow Bridge. Painters at The Lake. Fall foliage on Cherry Hill by the stairs to Wagner Cove. All taken at twilight.

As fall progressed, leaves tumbled and Central Park became carpeted in foliage and the intense colors of fall were above, below and all around me.

Fall colors Central Park
The Lake and fall foliage in Central Park. The rock is called ‘Rock with a View’.
Fall colors, Central Park
An artist paints Bow Bridge and fall foliage, Central Park.

This tree was so bright it seemed to shine with its own inner light.

The Rambles covered in leaves and the river that flows into the waterfall near The Ramble Cave.

fall foliage Central Park
My favorite tree on Cherry Hill surrounded by fall foliage.
Autumn, The Rambles, Central Park
A rustic bench on The Rambles side of Bow Bridge near Wood Chip Vantage Point, Central Park.
Cherry Hill fall autumn colors, Central Park
Cherry Hill and the view of San Remo’s twin peaks. Fall foliage Central Park. Twilight.
Cherry Hill fall colors Central Park
Picnickers on Cherry Hill enjoying the last of the fall foliage in Central Park. Twilight.
Fall foliage, Central Park
Fields of fall foliage! Near Triplets Bridge across the road from the American Museum of Natural History, Central Park.

Just when I thought autumn in Central Park had reached its peak, the majestic elms and gingko trees turned brilliant gold. With their dark curving trunks they seemed to be dancing a cheeky strip tease as they discarded their leaves.

Fall Foliage, Central Park
Elms in full golden splendor near The Mall and Skater’s Circle, Central Park.
The Mall, fall foliage, Central Park.
The Mall with fall foliage, Central Park. The Golden Tunnel!
Twilight, The Lake, Central Park
View of New York City from Oak Bridge at twilight.
Fall foliage Central Park
The little bay near the Ladies Pavilion, The Lake, Central Park.

And when all the leaves have fallen, winter is around the corner with its own beauty.

Thank you for visiting. If you have a favorite fall foliage location in Central Park that I haven’t included here, let me know.

Enjoy Central Park!

The Little Green Nomad.

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