Camping in Croajingolong National Park

Croajingolong National Park near the Victoria/New South Wales border covers a 100 km stretch of coastline and encompasses some diverse landscapes – sweeping beaches, the massive dunes of Thurra River, panoramic views from Genoa Peak, orange lichen-covered granite boulders of Tamboon inlet, forests and healthlands, peat-rich rivers, giant lizards, and an abundance of birdlife and critters.

Two camper van friendly and secluded coastal camping spots provide the perfect base for exploring it all.

Campervan Australia
Gippsland camp fire and kayak. Photo: Jar.90
Croajingolong National Park. VIC, Australia
Photo: @kevstagram
Croajingolong Sand Dunes, VIC, Australia
Photo: @snapdog51
Croajingolong National Park, VIC, Australia
Photo: @Birdlife_hoodie
Croajingolong sand dunes, VIC, Australia
Photo: @stoneographyau
Wingan Point, Croajingolong, VIC, Australia
Wingan Point. Photo: @lalalimited
Boardwalk at Croajingolong, VIC, Australia
Boardwalk. Photo: @Stavisism

1. Shipwreck Creek Campground

What makes it special?

This campground is small with only five sites. It is in the forest 300m from a small secluded beach. From here you can walk along the coast with views to Gabo Island or follow the 3 km trail to Seal Creek and its rock pools.


  • Non-flush toilets
  • Shared picnic facilities
  • Fireplaces
  • A designated overnight hiker site for walkers undertaking the Wilderness Coast Walk.

Rates: $34. Bookings required.

2. Peachtree Campground

What makes it special?

It’s perfect for fishing. This campground is on the eastern shores of Tamboon Inlet. The coast is only accessible via boat from this location. (Get the Tamboon Inlet monthly fishing report.)


  • Toilets
  • Fire places
  • Boat ramp

Rates: $34. Bookings required.

More information:

Happy camping!

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