Beach Camping Sydney to Melbourne

One of the best road trips Australia has to offer is the coastal drive between Sydney and Melbourne. Not only do you take in Australia’s two largest cities, but the stretch of coast between the two is a diverse and stunning mosaic of forests, inlets, river systems, crystal clear lakes, charismatic wildlife, charming coastal towns and white unspoiled beaches. It’s easy to fall in love with the region’s natural beauty and to slip into the gentle rhythm of its lifestyle.

If you hire a campervan, this road trip need not be an expensive one. To help you explore this region at a leisurely pace, I’ve created a list of the best beach campsites. Some are included because they are right on the beach, surrounded by coastal forests where you can feel a million miles away. Others win the people’s vote on Trip Advisor as being the best place to stay with great facilities (Let’s face it, we all need to shower and do laundry from time to time.)

Below I’ve mapped every campsite.

If you need to hire a camper van in Australia, check my price comparison of the major campervan hire companies in Australia. By the time sneaky fees are added, the cheapest turns out to be Camperman Australia with their all-inclusive pricing.

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