Yummy Toast Recipes

No eggs? No milk? Don’t fret. You can do some awesome things with toast when you’re camping.

French Toast

This one’s great because all you need is a box of pancake mix, water and a few slices of bread.

1. Dip bread in pancake batter
2. Fry bread like French toast
3. Spread peanut butter and jam onto pancake battered French toast
4. Add 2 rashers of fried bacon to toast (still tastes good without bacon)
5. It’s like there is a party in my mouth and no douchebags rock up
Brought to you by Mitch Butler#vanlife


Avocado, Roast Tomato and Feta Toast

Feta lasts well in a container of water in your Esky/Chilly Bin/Cooler.

  1. Roast thickly sliced tomatoes on the BBQ or campfire
  2. Sprinkle olive oil on toast and rub some crushed garlic into it
  3. Crush an avocado onto the toast.
  4. Place the sliced roast tomato on top and sprinkle with Danish Feta.
  5. Healthy Brunch! So simple, so good 🙂

Brought to you by alisonmbrown

Toast Recipe
Avocado, roast tomato and Danish feta.

And now to go eat it in your dining room.

Van life
Home is where you park it. Photo credit: Instagram.com/eternal_revolver

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