Northern Rivers Second Hand and Antiques Trail

Who doesn’t love poking through the bric-a-brac of an antiques store? Black telephones, porcelain dolls, perfume atomizers, top hats, tea cups and saucers, vargas girls, bakelite bangles, dominoes and toys, antique glass bottles – everyone has a weak spot for something from yesteryear. For me it’s tea cups and typewriters.


What’s more, buying pre-loved items is a more sustainable form of consumerism.

The Northern Rivers region is dotted with antique stores and second hand shops in which you could lose yourself for hours finding treasures to take home for yourself or as a unique gift for someone you know who has a penchant for such things.

I’ll be adding to this list but let’s start with Brunswick Heads. First the list, then the map so you can see where they are all located. Happy shopping!

Brunswick Heads

1. Resould for a mixture of new and used retro interior design pieces, furniture and clothing.

Re Sould

2. Clem’s Cargo: Leadlight windows, glass bottles, furniture, an old horse wagon, you name it!

Clem’s Cargo

3. The Big Fish for antiques, old window frames, furniture and quirky collectibles. It’s a hotch-potch of things crowded into a shed-like space.

The Big Fish

4. Sentimental Treasures had typewriters, retro picnic sets, ornaments, antique plates, old suitcases and artwork the day I went there, but they could have anything there the day you pop in.

Sentimental Treasures

5. Vintage Interior Pieces lots of treasures for your home crowded in together from Victorian to 1960s retro – an Underwood typewriter, hat boxes, tin toys, chests, tea cups, granny blankets, bottles, clocks…

Vintage Interior Pieces

6. Valiant Music – used musical instruments, vinyl, and recored players.

Valiant Music

7. Lazy Bones – a well-presented, high-end boutique selling antique crockery, vintage women’s clothes, and soft furnishings.

Lazy Bones

8. Peace by Piece for hand made leather goods such as shoes, belts, clothing and handbags.

Peace by Piece

9. The Fabulous Mrs Fox – a beautifully presented shop full of magic. Antique chairs and love seats, telephones, porcelain dolls and toys hand-picked by a discerning trader from around the world. The women’s clothing, though retro in fabric, is new.

The Fabulous Mrs Fox


Google MAP of the Northern Rivers Antiques and Second Hand Trail

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