Walk on Water Walking Track and Aboriginal Cultural Centre

This easy wheelchair-accessible 2 km roundtrip walk takes you through mangroves and over water via boardwalks where you can experience the natural scenery, Aboriginal cultural heritage, sacred sites and great birdwatching.

You can read about the plants, animals, bush tucker and culture of the Minjungbal people from interpretive signs along the way. The Bora Ring is a sacred Aboriginal site traditionally used for men’s initiation ceremonies. It continues to be an important place for the Minjungbal people to connect with their ancestors.

Birds you are likely to see include shorebirds and waders such as the greater egret and royal spoonbill. In spring you’ll see butterflies.

TIP: Bring the insect repellent in case there are mosquitos.

COST: Entry to the walk is free. Guided tours are available (for a fee) from the Minjungbal Aboriginal Cultural Centre

Photo Credit: Cover image by Nolan White Photography.

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