Getting to Bedarra Island

Bedarra Island’s seclusion keeps the hoards away and preserves the island’s natural beauty. Although getting here requires a little planning,  the journey is a stunning one, and once you reach Bedarra Island you, like everyone else who makes it here, will know the journey has been part of the adventure and well worth it.

There are two options from Cairns International Airport;

  • Drive or limo to Mission Beach, then water taxi to Bedarra Island (from $550 round trip for two)
  • Helicopter from Cairns Airport to Bedarra Island (price variable)

If you’re staying in one of the private villas on Bedarra Island, and you’ve booked through Romantic VillasRomantic Retreats or East Bedarra Island Retreat, then Sharon your host can help organise your transfers to Bedarra Island. She can be reached at 07 4067 5311 (International +61 7 4067 5311) or by email through the links above.

1. Fly

Bedarra Island lies midway between Townsville and Cairns in North Queensland. Both cities have airports with regular domestic flights. Once you’ve arrived in one of these cities you have the option of continuing to Bedarra Island by road and boat, or by helicopter.

2. Drive

Rent a car (from AU $85) or limousine (from AU $320) and enjoying the scenic two hour drive along a coastal road to the picturesque town of Mission Beach.

Mission Beach

3. Water Taxi

From Mission Beach, a water taxi will bring you to your accommodation on Bedarra Island across the calm waters of the Coral Sea. Caretakers will meet you on the beach to take your luggage and show you to your villa.

Two companies are available to take you directly to your accommodation at Bedarra Island.

You can pay your chosen water taxi company directly by credit card or cash on the day of your transfer.

Water Taxi to Bedarra Island


The Cairns-Bedarra or Bedarra-Cairns 45 minute helicopter journey gives you a bird’s eye view of the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland’s tallest mountain and lush coastline. Rates keep changing so it’s best to enquire.

“IT CAME, at first hazy in outline, then with greater clarity, until it lay before me shining with the brilliance of a diamond. I could see its green, vine-tangled slopes rising from the placid sea, I could explore the little bay, count the palm trees that fringed it, and feel the warm sand on my feet. If I closed my eyes I could hear the water whispering at the edge of the beach and feel its rhythm reaching out like a great silence, away to the cloudless sky and the far horizon and the forgotten world beyond.” Guy Morrison, journalist and editor writes about his arrival on Bedarra Island.

Bedarra Island. Photo credit: Romantic Retreats

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