Bedarra Island Accommodation

Accommodation on Bedarra Island is, on the whole, decidedly high-end and includes seven privately owned villas and an eight-villa resort. Of these villas, four are located right on the beach – East Bedarra Island Retreat, Bedarra Beach Villa and two Bedarra Resort villas – the Beach House and The Point. The private luxury villas can all be booked through Romantic Retreats, Australia.

Deck of East Bedarra Island Retreat.

To save you the headache of researching dozens of websites, I’ve put the information down on one page with symbols and a map (at the end of the article) so you can see at a glance where each villa is located and how much they cost. I’m familiar with them all and here are my personal picks.

  • East Bedarra Island Retreat is my pick for couples. It gives you absolute privacy and the same waterfront luxury as the two waterfront Bedarra Resort villas, but at a fraction of the cost, and at the private and sheltered east end of the island.
  • Bedarra Beach Villa and Studio is my pick for families. It comfortably sleeps up to eight people with a separate studio and large communal areas giving everyone plenty of space. It is tucked away on sheltered, palm-fringed Dorilla Beach; a private little paradise.

But read on for the low down on every villa Bedarra Island has to offer.

Price Guide AU$ (nightly rates 2016)

$ = less than $600/night
$$ = $600 – $900
$$$ = $900 – $1200
$$$$ = $1200 or more

  • Rates provided are the regular rates for one couple. The price per couple is reduced when larger groups stay. Supplemental linen fees may apply for additional rooms to be made up.
  • Snorkeling gear, kayaks, and in most cases fishing gear is included.
  • Most villas require a five night minimum stay. Bedarra Escapes has a 7 night minimum to get the quoted rate, and Bedarra Resort has no minimum stay.

Self-catering and Dining

There are no restaurants on Bedarra Island. The privately owned vacation villas have provided well-equipped kitchens and deck-side BBQ’s to make meal time part of the experience. Supplies can be picked up from one of the supermarkets at Mission Beach or arranged through your host.

Bedarra Resort is all-inclusive and has a restaurant for its guests.

Bedarra Beach Villa and Studio is right on the beach

Bedarra Island Accommodation at a Glance

Beach Front Villas

1. East Bedarra Island Retreat
$$ | 2 bed 2 bath | Sleeps 2-4 | Interior finishes ★★★★★

2. Bedarra Beach Villa and Studio
$$ | 4 bed 4.5 bath | Sleeps 2-8 |Interior finishes ★★★★★

3. Bedarra Resort – Beach House villa
$$$$ | 1 bed 1 bath | Sleeps 2 |Interior finishes ★★★★★

4. Bedarra Resort – The Point villa
$$$$ | 1 bed 1 bath | Sleeps 2 |Interior finishes ★★★★★

Private beach of East Bedarra Island Retreat

Hillside and Hilltop Villas

5. Bedarra Hideaway
$$ | 3 bed 3 bath | Sleeps 2-4  |Interior finishes ★★★★★

6. Bedarra 360 Degrees
$ | 2 bed 2 bath | Sleeps 2-4 |Interior finishes: ★★★1/2

7. Bedarra Beach House
$ | 1 bed 1 bath | Sleeps 2 |Interior finishes ★★★1/2

8. Bedarra Escapes
$ | 1 bed 1 bath | Sleeps 2 |Interior finishes ★★★1/2

9. Bedarra Beachcomber
$ (weekdays) – $$$ (weekends) | 1 bed 1 bath | Sleeps 2 |Interior finishes ★★★★

Views from every room at Bedarra Hideaway

All-Inclusive Resort

10. Bedarra Resort
$$$$ | 1 bed 1 bath | Sleeps 2 |Interior finishes ★★★★★

Dining terrace of Bedarra Resort at dusk

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