Bedarra Beach Villa

Bedarra Beach Villa sits amongst coconut palms on the most secluded beach of one of Queensland’s most secluded islands. But the story behind Bedarra Beach Villa is just as captivating as its setting.

Dorilla Beach and Bedarra Beach Villa

Landscape artist, Noel Wood, set off on a spontaneous adventure in his new car – quite the luxury in  1930. On a whim, he swapped the car for a sail boat, ended up on Bedarra Island, fell in love with the place, and sold the sail boat to buy the most beautiful patch of paradise he had ever seen. On this cove he built an art studio and spent the next 60 years painting, romancing females guests to the island, and living a carefree lifestyle.

His art studio still stands and  has become part of the Bedarra Beach Villa accommodation. The villa’s casual uncluttered interior reflects the carefree island spirit of Noel Woods and still contains some of the furniture and features he built himself.


With four bedrooms and five bathrooms, Bedarra Beach Villa is perfect for couples as well as families.


What guests love:

  • The location on a secluded beach.
  • Room to expand family and friends into the nearby studio and hut.
  • The classy interior and oversized bath.
The Studio of Bedarra Beach Villa

What you should know:

  • Fishing gear, snorkeling gear and kayaks are included.
  • 2016 nightly rates are AU $880
  • There’s a 5 night minimum stay

Bedarra Beach Villa Website



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