Burra Korain Flat Campground: Free Camping Blue mountains

Burra Korain Flat Campground is reached by foot from Victoria Falls Lookout. It is 6 km along the track in the beautiful Grose Valley. The campground is a clearing in the forest between Grose River and Victoria Creek, and it’s well sign posted. It’s a great pitstop for the two or three day hike from Victoria Falls and Pierces Pass. (Above: Grose Valley. Photo credit: Gary P Hayes Photography.)


  • Pit toilets

Tip: No campfires were allowed at the time of writing, so bring along a fuel stove.

Free camping Blue Mountains.
Waterfalls on the walk between Victoria Falls and Burra Korain Flat campground. Photo: David Noble
Burra Korain Flat camping area. Free camping, Blue Mountains National Park.
Creek crossing near Burra Korain Flat camping area. Photo: Wildwalks.com
Burra Korain Flat camping area. Free camping Blue Mountains.
Burra Korain Flat camping area, Blue Mountains. Photo: Wildwalks.com

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