Kayak Cudgen Creek to Cudgen Lake

Cudgen Creek is a quiet waterway of clear water in the Tweed valley with very little boat traffic so you can feel a million miles away from civilisation as you glide through changing landscapes of tea tree, mangroves and subtropical rainforest.

Photo: Instagram @everchanginghorizon

You’re likely to see osprey nests, herons wading the shoreline, cormorants sunning their wings, and river rays scooting across the sandy creek bed. If you’re lucky you’ll see dolphins!

Photo: Watersports Guru

The Watersports Guru is right on the creek and offers tours down Cudgen Creek, or you can hire your kayak and explore solo. It’s 9 km from Watersports Guru on Cudgen Creek to Cudgen Lake.

Watersports Guru offers pick ups and drop offs so you only have to paddle one way.

Paddle boards: $20 per hour
Kayaks: single $25, double $30, triple $40 per hour
One way kayak trip to Cudgen Lake: $85 for 3 hours in a double kayak.

Photo: Watersports Guru

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